About me

I grew up in Strongsville Ohio with my younger brother caleb and my two parents. I was a swimmer all my life and I love being by the pool! I am currently a sophomore here at Miami and I plan to graduate early with a degree in computer science if all goes well. In my free time I love to go to the gym, go on hikes, or visit with my friends. I also love watching Star Wars, and spending time with my girlfriend throughout the day. I am also very involved with cru here at Miami and it is where I make most of my friends.

About the class

So far this class has been my favorite this semester! I enjoy the labs and I find the work to be meaningful. I also never feel like I am doing any wasted work. I am currently really enjoying this final project and I find it very rewarding. The webiste is spilt up into three pages, the home page (current page), the weather page, and the history page. The weather page gives a five day forecast at a desired location. The history page shows all the weather requests made by the weather page. The only notable issue is that the forecast does not show the current day, and the low and high is of a certain hour not day.